While this is an unfortunate topic, it must be addressed directly. 

It is well known that scammers posing as landlords post fake apartments on rental listing sites. It has come to our attention that someone has created a clone of our website in order to lure users into paying deposits on their fraudulent platform.

If you receive a payment request from mietwise.eu, mietwise.info, mietonline.com, kautionwise.com, or a landlord directing you to any of the above, do not trust it and do not make any payments to it. It is almost certainly a fraudulent listing and fake landlord. 

Our trusted domains are only mietwise.com and mietwise.de. If you are unsure about whether a request can be trusted, please don't hesitate to open a support chat with us to verify.

We are making efforts to have the offending website taken down, and will edit this article with any updates. It is unfortunate that such things happen, but the safety and security of our users' data is our first priority.

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